Right or wrong?

When we spend some time being with and working with our horses at liberty, it changes our perspective of them and how we are with them.

It changes our perspective of ourselves. Horses show us more of our self when we are ready.

I love to be around horses, it creates more awareness in me. To be free from judgement, horses just communicate.

This way of being allows for our interactions with horses and all beings to become lighter, there is no pressure for things to be right or wrong. good or bad.

It merely becomes what is. I relish every moment as it will never be repeated. Everyday tasks become fun and I am grateful for them.

Bringing my horses in from the field is never a chore I must go out and endure. Far from it, I go with what ever happens and enjoy the company and communication of my horses.

This is the same for everything we do together, feeding, grooming , playing it is all one and the same, and I can’t wait to hear what they will tell me. If one doesn’t feel like a groom today I will be grateful for their communication, maybe I will change my approach or get out the grooming gloves or just leave it for today. They are just letting me know their feelings. How can an honest expression of feelings be good or bad, its just honest. What I do with it and how I react is up to me.

Here is a fabulous video showing the grooming gloves I mentioned. Thank you Linda.

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