Baking the cake, icing and the cherry on the top!

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to work with Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas.


What a wonderful world we live in,were we can now meet people from the other side of the globe that we may never have met without the computer.

Before I ever touched a computer and learnt all the wonderful things I have, I loved baking, my children loved baking cakes too.

I see the waterhole rituals as an amazing bag of ingredients, I can measure the amount of each one that’s needed. When I put into the mix,  Sharing Territory, Saying Hello, Taking territory, Leading from behind and Eye contact. my cake rises into. A strong bond, Trust, Respect, Willingness and Focus.

This recipe never fails to delight me. When all these things are in place, I am given the icing to put on top, Companion Walking. This is a gift from the horse and the magnetic connection comes to life.

If Companion Walking is my icing then Dancing with my horse at liberty is a very big juicy cherry on top of it. I just love to dance, and to do this with my horses to music! Its a dream I had never even dreamt of untill I discovered The Waterhole Rituals and Carolyn Resnick.

I hope everyone finds their ingredients. Happy Baking!!!!!

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