The Adventure of Sharing Territory.

It seems an odd title. Adventure? In sharing territory with our horses? however it brings so much to our lives.

It’s something many people find really hard to do, I did, we are all so busy.

How about if you look at it this way….Its an adventure!, its boring some might say and so difficult when you are thinking about the rest of life and all the things you ‘have’ to do.

I see it as an adventure, an adventure into the world of my horse, how quiet and present to the moment can I be? what will I feel, what will my horses feel, how might they start to interact with me, or not. How good do I feel afterwards, I know being with my horses is good for me.

After some time off and no time for sharing territory even, today I thought I would start at the beginning. I would listen, I would re- enter the world of horses and see what they had to say, what would they teach me today? How exciting. Where would this lead?

Its great feedback to see how they feel about being together again. Today it was most unexpected, maybe they offered so much because I came as the student, the one listening, not expecting anything.

How do you show a video of Sharing Territory without sending everyone to sleep! Well I did edit it as there were long stretches of just being, me feeling them and them feeling me. When you experience your horse sharing their energy, and their heart and soul with you, but it looks like nothing, its not something easy to pass on . You have to seek it for yourself. It is magical, so I would urge you. Turn the magic on!!!Have the adventure of a lifetime shared with your horse.

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