Surrender to the process, Noo noo part two.

We left Noons and I sharing territory and reading Carolyns book at the end of part one, I would also wait eagerly for her blog every week, the more I read the more intrigued I was.

I also bought her dvd and found this video, I cannot remember how many times I watched it, I didn’t understand the interactions that were taking place but I loved it!

Finally the spring course came, I was so excited to be on that first call with Carolyn, she asked me WHY? would I call my horse no no! I had to explain it was NooNoo ( you have to watch teletubbies) Our first lesson was to Share Territory with our horse and introduce the reed. We had two weeks of doing this and could ask questions in a classroom. After two weeks we could submit a video and we had our first call with Carolyn giving us feedback. I think she knew I needed help! I do believe the phrase No no, Noo noo was heard as my horse almost got on top of me she was so close, Carolyn let me continue she could see I wasn’t worried and Noons was actually very careful. As we worked our way though the exercises and lessons I would watch the video lessons maybe ten times and I listened to all the calls. I couldn’t wait to see the videos from others on the course and hear the guidance from Carolyn, I couldn’t see the things she saw and was often amazed when she would point things out.

The five piles of hay exercise and leading from behind were huge moments for us.  I was riding her at the time and I could feel the changes this liberty course was making to our ridden relationship. I just loved it.

It took over my life, as the course went on there was so much to learn, so much to read and videos to watch, apart from putting it all into practice and filming it!

I look back and I wonder if Carolyn could have guessed I would hound her for more knowledge, follow her blogs and take more online courses. Even go to her ranch! this was not on the spectrum of things available to happen in my world at the time! Could she have guessed how life changing it would be for me. I know I felt a connection to her, she was drawing me in. Whatever else I did I always came back to her and wanting to learn more.

I didn’t want the course to end, it felt terrible to be doing the last call, but wonderful at the same time, to look back and see how we had changed. This was our last video, we were still learning and finding our way with these new things,I had never even thought about liberty or understanding how horses operate. Looking back, its raw but I see that by the end of this course, my horse loved my company, she loved what we were exploring. We were very much safer, thank you Carolyn!  I loved being with her too, and it did feel like the beginning  of something wonderful. Something I wouldn’t have thought possible.

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