Part 3 Where would NooNoo lead me next ?

Where were we last week ? Oh yes the end of our first online course, it was truly the beginning of a relationship with a horse I could not have imagined and one amazing journey for me.

I was hooked, it made such a difference to my relationship with my horses. I went through all the exercises with my other horses, three boys, Jasper, Stanley and Tarquin, they were all retired more or less. They were all different and it was a great chance for me to experiment. I continued working at liberty with Noons and we got into the habit of putting tack on the fence and starting with sharing territory and adjusting any weak strings of connection. The Bond, Trust, Respect, Willingness and Focus. It was amazing how she would  just ask to walk with me and share my company, then she would go over to the fence put her nose on the saddle and ask if we could ride. I saw Joyce Mulder my dressage trainer, every 6 weeks, she had watched Noons and I changing and helped us as well. She saw the changes, The in hand and ridden work was going better than ever.

My Dad at 79yrs old having a sit on the very generous Jasper.


I couldn’t stop thinking there was still more to learn from Carolyn, I took 2 more online courses each one learning so much.

Then my Dad fell ill, I had a break from horses doing the bare essentials to care for them. Looking after and visiting my Dad. We spent a lot of time talking and he knew he was nearing the end of his life. He made me promise-” If there is something you feel strongly about, do it! Don’t have regrets.”

After Dad died I got back to the horses, it was wonderful to know I could just be with them, I didn’t need to ‘do’ anything. They helped, Gradually things got back to normal, Dads words rang in my head, he had left us some money and once his house was sold, I knew what it was I had a strong urge to do. I really wanted to go to Carolyns next Beyond the Waterhole Rituals course at her ranch.

Spending time saying goodbye, I am going to America Noons !!


I would never have thought I would leave my family and travel to California, my very good friend Polly said she would come with me, she knew I was terrified of flying and going to somewhere the other side of the planet alone!

It felt like such an adventure, meeting the others on the course, Ginny who I had met in the online course, Teddie, and finally to meet Carolyn in person. Also at Carolyns to help were Linda Salinas, and Shelly Martin. I just took to them straight away. Linda was so warm and happy and Shelly was lovely too. Linda had been made a Certified Trainer.

At the end of the course, I was just so pleased I had gone, but it felt like, what now? This can’t be it? I asked Linda if she would travel to England, she agreed! Oh my I had no idea about putting on a big 3 day clinic, getting enough people, a venue, all I had to guide me was the experience of a fabulous clinic at Carolyns.

I hugged poor Carolyn so hard ! saying goodbye, knowing we wouldn’t meet again, but so pleased we had. I never thought I would meet Shelley and Ginny again either.

But never say never………….

Through the following winter, cogs turned in my head, Linda and I got in touch, and arranged along with Kira from Denmark a huge trip for Linda, a clinic in Denmark and then on to England.

At the first Linda clinic with Noons.


Well it was a first for me, now four clinics later I think we have things going pretty well. The experience of having Linda help me with my horse’s and watching her teach has been amazing. Two years ago not long after Linda had left I lost my two boys Jasper and Stanley, they were best buddies and went within 6 weeks of each other.

This left Noons, Tarky and myself a little lost. We went to the arena together . I was just finishing another online course with Carolyn I explained the situation and I worked with both of them, it felt right. I knew they felt lost, they needed a new herd member. I saw an advert for Maya, something drew me to her, when I met her she was not in the right home, she was very mistrusting and difficult to catch. She didn’t feel happy about riding and her owner didn’t want to ride her. She was very sensitive and tense. So she came to join  us.

Now we are a herd of four. We enjoy each others company and I share a wonderful relationship with my horses, my teachers. I continue to work with, and learn from Carolyn and Linda all the time.

I hope to keep, sharing what the Waterhole Rituals have done and still do for me. They have created amazing relationships and are a strong foundation for everything . Making life richer for many Horses and Humans.

Next week, I return to California . Shelley and Ginny come here. More clinics with Linda and I start my adventure with Maya.

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