Indroduction to the Waterhole Rituals Day.

"Thank you to. Elaine, Pamela, Amanda and Kelvin for braving the cold. Our first intro to the whr's was a great day and I was so proud of my horses and everyone who came was brilliant. The horses showed us what we need to learn and were so generous in the way they wanted to connect. More to follow."

On Saturday  we had the first introduction to the Waterhole Rituals day, my horses were the very best teachers, showing when we approached them correctly, spent time sharing territory ( even though it was freezing) they gave us, Bonding, Trust, Respect, Willingness, and Focus. These 5 strings of connection lead to the gift of Companion walking. A big message for me from the day, was pause, wait, sometimes that’s when the gifts from our horses come. Several times we waited to see what they would do, we were guided by this and they knew we were listening. It was in these moments, they decided to focus more or offer more connection. Sometimes they showed so gently when someone needed to up their leadership and notice the lesson they were giving, when their new human friend responded by gently showing they did indeed notice and with an adjustment of body language they could put themselves back in a position of greater trust and respect, my horses knew they had given the lesson that was needed and gifted greater connection. The girls excelled and I love and respect them more than ever. Thank you Noo noo and Maya. The day went so quickly and Noons of course tried to steal the show. Kelvin was extremely brave and had said he came with ” an empty head” ?? Towards the end of the afternoon I think he and Noo noo were pretty blown away with each other, he joked ” What will you have me doing next, New York New York! ” Well Noons always tries to please and she loved his sense of humour. You have to make it to the end of the video.

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