To brush or not to brush.

15230651_1052701068190299_3720532321892818823_nMaya’s gloriously muddy coat.

After a few  weeks off for the horses , before we had a chance to get back to work, I came down with a nasty sickness bug, the joys of being Nana and looking after sick  Grandchildren.     They have always loved to share everything.

This meant the horses were out in the mud, and I saw very little of them for a few days.

  Starting over today, I still felt, after only a small amount of food , less than bursting with energy. Keen to get back with my horses however and spend time with them.

As I came out of the back door Noons seemed to know it wasn’t this weak sickly person who just open the doors and let them out the day before. She was waiting. She saw me approach and watched from her back door. As I came into the stable block, she was there at the front door rattling the bolt. ” Come on where have you been!” We said hello, I asked her shall we just have a groom and get that mud off or go for a walk and just hang out? She rattled the bolt and kicked the door. Ok pick out the feet and go it is. We went up to the arena, she glued herself to me, we walked and I even managed a small trot, she was impressed. Some days you have to make choices, ask your horse what they would prefer.

Next Maya’s turn, as I finished with Noons she was watching and she called in her deep bellow of a voice. I said hello again, entered her stable, asked her, What would you like to do? Already knowing the answer from her call and expression. Well lets get those feet done at least. This has been part of building our relationship and our training.

Next we went to the arena and just spent time doing nothing, saying hello and renewing our bond. But it started from before the time I entered the stables, even noticing when I gave them their morning hay, instead of stepping back for me to put it in, Noons tried to ‘steal’ some, I reminded her that I would rather not have hay all over me and all over her head, if she is polite and remembers to give me room to put it in it’s better all round. She noticed, that I noticed, and her manners returned. After time going feral, getting covered in mud, the bond was still strong, with all 3, but having not been reminded of how to be a lady, Noons does slip, she can’t help herself. I am sure she is happy to know I am still going to strive to be the leader she will choose to follow. And we wouldn’t change a thing.

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