Horses, Yoga, and a sense of community.

After my last blog I had a comment that the title was misleading, YES. I like to surprise.

I rather like the idea of someone seeing a title and thinking ” Here we go another blog about so and so” then when they read it they read something they were not expecting.

Well last blog before Christmas, Starting Monday every day for 12 days I will post a blog with Gems from Carolyn Resnick and names will go into a draw. Please still comment if you are abroad or not interested and just add No Draw at the end.

Well no hiding with this title. Horses, Yoga and a sense of community.

Since discovering The Waterhole Rituals, it has lead me to many new friendships and encounters with people, people I may never have met. They all make my life richer.

I also found that my love for Karate didn’t work with three horses to work and look after, it took too much energy. I decided to try Yoga, I have loved this, not always finding time to go as often as I would like, but embracing all it has to offer. I have been fortunate to find a lovely person and exceptional teacher .

What my Yoga teacher and I have in common in what we do,  is a sense of community. A desire to bring people together. She goes out of her way to get to know her students, going for dog walks, coming to see my horses and arranging cooking sessions and lunch in her home. I feel she likes to see her students finding the best of ourselves.

Seeing people find the best part of themselves and rising to learn the lessons their horses and mine have for us, is a joy. The horses have a strong sense of community, something lacking in our modern world. If horses or indeed yoga or karate can bring people together, what a gift.

I have also embraced Social media somewhat, I said I would never join face book but I didn’t realise, how used for the good, Social media can help to create a sense of community. I have kept in touch with many people through this and also email.

Unfortunately only too often it becomes an obsession for people, I see couples out for dinner, they are on their phones, mums with children trying to talk to them, they are on their phones.  People walking down the street in their own world, on the phone. They are missing what is around them. Building a sense of community comes not only from, a wider world , due to technology. It starts at home, in your street, your town, your district or country. Your family and friends. It also comes from within us, an enhanced relationship with ourselves, our friends, family, horses and the world. As Berit my yoga teacher put in her  Christmas newsletter we start to align ourselves with the ebb and flow of life, instead of fighting it.

Being aligned with that ebb and flow is something natural to horses, we have much to learn from them. Lets slow down and teach our children and grandchildren to honour nature, themselves, and all of this wonderful life and community that we are part of.

Lets keep a balance with social media over the holidays, still part of the communities we have joined  via this. But also honour the community we are with right now. Harmony  depends on balance, so I wish you all a harmonious Christmas.


Love from Jayne, Noo noo, Maya and Tarquin. x

4 thoughts on “Horses, Yoga, and a sense of community.

  1. It is very true, what you have said in this post. We have all lost the plot a bit with modern technology. We went out for dinner the other day and there was another family sitting across from us and all four of them, dad, mom and kids, were on some or other device for the whole time. What is the point one wonders?

    • Thank you for being here Kate wishing you a very merry Christmas. Look out for my gems from Carolyn and the chance of a free day here with my lovely girls. Coming tomorrow. Please feel free to share with others.

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