The Twelve Days of Christmas

12-daysI thought to say Happy Christmas and to spread some lovely horsey gems, I would share some excerpts from Carolyn Resnick’s book Naked liberty and some quotes from her.

There will be one each day, starting on the 12th for twelve days, look out for the last one on the 24th Before new year there will be a draw.

To win you need to comment ( not just like) on any post, Here or on facebook, the more you comment the more chances to win!

The person drawn will receive a free place on any of my Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals days next year. We look forward to your comments. Merry Christmas.


On the first day of Christmas,

Humans have debts to nature, to everything that lives on the earth. If we do not honour these debts, we will not honour our own community.

We may in fact conquer the world, but destroy ourselves in the process.

From- Naked Liberty.

2 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas

  1. I was reflecting that christmas is about the birthday of Yeshua (Jesus). His name, interestingly was (and may still be) very common name in those days. But wouldn’t it sicken me if my own birthday were being celebrated in the way I see in this country.. a gluttonly insane ‘grab’ at what so often seems a huge sensory assault of the most overwhelming kind, with ritual ‘love’ but actually so much angst, so much pain and pushed down feelings later to erupt as a backlash as items are returned to shops, put out to pollute and stifle the living earth as ‘rubbish’ and people retreat from the ‘Birthday’ to ‘get back to normal’.

    If our beloved horses lived like that.. would we be able to adore them, know how to love them, be with their beautiful presence and treat them with the love we feel for their liberty, their Choice, their Dignity?

    Thank Heaven it’s not ‘my’ birthday that is being so paraded like a Circus. I have not been able to be around horses for a while due to my personal circumstances (and I would welcome invitations to visit any of you!) but I sure know an Oasis of Sanity when I see one, and a horse at liberty and that path that Jesus’s walked of healing and forgiveness seems one rooted in pure liberty and naked freedom. And just to be clear, I am not religious and not a member of the Christian Religion and am so riddled with self-doubt that I’m now worrying about being seen as ‘holier than thou’ when what began as a reflection could be seen as a Scroogification and killjoy. oh well. I’ll console myself with the undoubted fact that almost nobody here knows me :-). Peace and Freedom ….

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