The Twelve Days of Christmas

12-daysI thought to say Happy Christmas and to spread some lovely horsey gems, I would share some excerpts from Carolyn Resnick’s book Naked liberty and some quotes from her.

There will be one each day, starting on the 12th for 12 days look out for the last one on 24th. Before new year there will be a draw.

To win you need to comment ( not just like) on any post, the more you comment the more chances to win!

The person drawn will receive a free place on any of my Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals days next year. We look forward to your comments. Merry Christmas.

On the Second day of Christmas.

A Horse is more comfortable with humans who know how to lead. It is not about being sweet or aggressive. It is about keeping a horse focused on his instinct to follow a leader. It is our job to be the kind of leader he would enjoy following.

From- Naked Liberty.   turtle-doves

2 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas

  1. yes, and herein has been an aspect of one of my deep struggles. To be a kind of ‘leader’ that a horse loves to be with and follow, it’s necessary to be both fully embodied, and to love and feel confident leading one’s own Self. Or so it seems to me to be what my own struggle for freedom has kept returning me to. To the place inside i don’t want to go to.. the place I want to leapfrog, just like my struggle as a ‘learning-different’ pupil to have to jump over the bit where I knew I didnt actually understand or even trust the teachers, try to ‘get my head down’ and produce something that looked to them like I understood what I was doing. The truth is i didnt have a clue why I was at school, I didn’t feel any trust or have any reason to even like the teachers, and I had been ‘sent’ to ‘learn’ by my parents who did not, any more than I did, know that i do not learn in the conventional way and that I needed to be seen and understood for who I really am, if I were ever to feel safe enough to have a chance to let my senses work, my learning come ‘on line’ and my innate sensitivity and joy of life, come back from the hills whence it had fled as long ago as infancy: a tiny tiny child.

    So as an adult, there is a pattern of trying to ‘fit in’ or to do what I am asked even when my own belief in myself is not ‘online’. I think there might be very little difference for me and for the horse that has no way of trusting, if it is actually being hussled, or even putting too much pressure on itself to ‘perform’ as a solution to pressure internal or external. For me it isn’t easy to stay with this self-uncertainty within but I know, deep down, that this is where I need to go…to be with it, to stop fighting it, because leapfrogging it has not put me in touch with that rich and vulnerable part that leads to the self acceptance and soft sensitive confidence that I would look for if I were a horse and needed to know if I could trust someone as ‘leader’ ….

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