The twelve days of Christmas.

I thought to say Happy Christmas and to spread some lovely horsey gems, I would share some excerpts from Carolyn Resnick’s book Naked liberty and some quotes from her.

There will be one each day, starting on the 12th for 12 days look out for the last one on 24th. Before new year there will be a draw.

To win you need to comment ( not just like) on any post, the more you comment the more chances to win!

The person drawn will receive a free place on any of my Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals days next year. We look forward to your comments. Merry Christmas.

On the sixth day of Christmas.

    The way horses approach the waterhole makes their language as clear as the streams they share.             From Naked Liberty

2 thoughts on “The twelve days of Christmas.

  1. yes I’m loving that painting too.. the geese are so alert, attentive, yet gathered together in harmony and with a sense of direction each one is clearly depicted as an individual.. I see a ‘trusted leader’ there too! It’s interesting isn’t it how sometimes a painting can ‘say’ more than a photo might. Guess like the ‘listening’ quote, it helps if I can ‘see’ rather than merely ‘look’.

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