Welcome 2017! . And The Twelve Days of Christmas Draw.


As we say goodbye to 2016 and look forward to 2017 . I would love to continue to hear from everyone who reads my blog. I really love to connect with you all. Thank you to everyone who left a comment either here or on facebook. I do hope you enjoyed some of the gems from Carolyn Resnick.

As I reflect on 2016 this year I have enjoyed the practice of being still and listening to my horses, but also my own inner guidance. This is how I will enter the new year, following the things that I am drawn to, the things that make my soul sing. Staying as the student. Our inner guidance will not let us down, our heart and soul, our unique presence needs us to follow it. When we don’t,  it feels wrong. That guidance is always there and it is within us, how cool is that!

The last year has bought great changes to our world, some good, some on the surface, don’t seem so good. There is much conflict, so for me I will endeavor to live without conflict and with love. Horses strive to do this, they want harmony, balance, and a sense of community. Lets have hope that we humans can learn this too. The new year may just bring us more harmony, more turbulence, and hopefully eventually more peace.

In this ‘New Year’ a sense of renewing and rebirth is with us.When your inner guidance draws you toward a new venture or some new inspiration or some chance encounter that feels special, honor yourself and go with it. Being faithful to, and acknowledging  that part of us that is unique feels good.

We are not how we look ,or our job title, or how we think we should be. As I have dropped old perceptions of myself and honored that unique space within, that is also part of everything else, my life has become richer in every way. I have , through the horses been lucky to meet some wonderful people this year and look forward to meeting more next year.

Entering the new year, allowing myself to open up to every new encounter that my inner guidance guides me towards. Where will I go next year? I have dreams like everyone, however what happens next is not yet determined. The ebb and flow of life is exciting and I wish everyone the joy of feeling part of life, every day, and the faith to follow your inner guidance and let your light shine brightly. Wishing everyone a very wonderful new year.


AND………………..My Mum was taken ill before Christmas and we were lucky to have her home on Christmas eve. She has made a remarkable recovery and  now back in her own home, I went to ask her to do this for me.

The winner of a free place on any one of my whr days in 2017 is………..


4 thoughts on “Welcome 2017! . And The Twelve Days of Christmas Draw.

    • Thank you and a very Happy new year, I do hope to meet more people next year and hopefully will be travelling around the country a bit to reach those who havn’t managed to get to the clinics or the intro days. Thank you for your comments.

  1. Hi Jayne

    I am so glad you Mum is better. We had a pretty tough run up to the holiday season as it is Livvie’s and ours first season since our precious Ophelia passed in September. I just wanted to check if the 12 days is finished now or can I still join in. Not to worry if I am too late. Wishing you peace. health and kindness in your 2017.

    Pamela and Barron


    • Hi Pam, its a tough time when you remember those no longer with us, especially little ones. I do hope to meet Barron and am planning to ‘Go on the road’ and get to whoever wants me there this year. I still have a space on the whr day here, but unfortunately the 12 days is finished and the winner is Helen. I do hope things are going well for you and Barron, please do post updates here, its great to share and others can follow along.

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