Sharing territory.


Today we shared territory, the feelings of bond and shared time just being together, becoming so present to each other and everything around us are very special.

The girls took turns to come up and explore me.


They took turns to come up and just be with me, not doing anything other than being together. They went off and explored, alone and sometimes together. Maya moved Noo noo off some hay.


Then they both came over, Noons first she just stood over me,


gradually Maya joined us, she moved slowly, I had it in my mind to stay connected to Noons so that she didn’t feel she had to move. I tried to think, it would be lovely to have you come and join us Maya, but don’t ask Noons to move. They greeted each other,nose to nose right in front of me I felt such a wonderful gentleness in both of them today as they both stood over me, we all enjoyed the moments of togetherness. I entered into their world and it felt so good.


Time spent in the company of our horses is time worth finding, we live in a non stop world, we are always doing and forget what it is to just be. Taking the time to just be with them and slowing down our minds brings about a feeling of well being and peace. It also forms strong bonds.

4 thoughts on “Sharing territory.

  1. Lovely to read your blog…. I did the very same thing with my horse today. He just stood next to me and sniffed my hair. It felf so calm and peaceful.. I love moments like that,

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