In Conversation with my horses

Do you enter into a conversation with your horses?

I certainly do and I listen to their point of view, sometimes we don’t agree, even the best relationships involve some discussion when different points of view occur.
I have been bringing the girls back into work, so far we have agreed on pretty much everything, I did have to set a boundary over eating the fences but they knew it was for the best.
We have hit the point where they are feeling good and I am asking for just a bit more. I do love working with Mares they  present different challenges, this time of year they become somewhat opinionated they are thinking they just might come into season and they are shedding their coats, they feel the change of seasons coming and it does affect their attitude.
Today Noo noo was lovely on the ground and felt happy about doing some riding, great we were in agreement! After some work I could feel a conversation coming on over what she might manage to do, it went like this.

ME ” That was a lovely trot thank you, I think you could manage a little more, we won’t get fitter if we don’t do just a bit more each time, I know we can do it, lets give it a go together”

NOONS ” puff puff well I am feeling a bit warm, not sure I can”

ME ” You are an amazing horse you can”

NOONS ” ok lets go” after some trot and transitions, NOONS ” Well you were right I am really moving now, woo hoo I can’t stop it feels good ”

ME ” Thank you Noons can we stop now!”

NOONS ” Make your mind up women, oh we’ve stopped, oh good, a stretch, a carrot and she is pleased with me, I am pleased with myself too”

If I make a wrong call and she was right I will always listen and tell her, sorry for that. We do stay in a conversation when I am riding her, it’s a silent one but we both know what’s being said. If I think she may be right I will also go with her ideas sometimes. This happens in everything we do together.


I do love our chats. I would rather have a conversation and feel we can both make requests, than me insist she does as I say and she insist she won’t!    After all finding balance and harmony together takes entering into a conversation.

Noons and I in conversation riding.


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