Amazing Attitude adjuster.

This is an old blog I felt I had to share with spring on the way and horses shedding their coats , they feel the changing seasons and for Mares coming into season too, this may be relevant.

Jayne Forster - Liberty Connections

Some days my mares do get out of bed on the wrong side, when they are in season, when the weather is wild and windy, or just a bad day!
Most of the time they are my close friends who are always ready to play. However when they have an off day I use the amazing “attitude adjuster”.
All you have to do is first notice the mood of your horse, the adjuster works on geldings and Stallions too.
You really can learn to use this to shape the mood of your horse. Today it was windy and Maya was unfocused and spooky, I knew I had to change her mind about this.
I started by observing her, then used my attitude adjuster. We ended with some nice foccused work and the spooking stopped too.
The secret is using LIBERTY and Carolyn Resnicks Waterhole rituals…

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