Asking for what we would like.

Today was just amazing, today beautiful things happened, today I had  clear feelings about how I would like things to go.

OOPS was this having an agenda? No. I had these clear feelings in the moment, I think they happened because I was in the moment with my horses. Something created them , intuition maybe, a reaction to reading my horse maybe. telepathy with my horse, well….?

Maya has been lame for about a week, she is looking much better now, I think she may have skidded in the mud. While she was looking really sore behind,  I took time to just be with her. I also walked to the field with her as she is always the first one through the gate and runs down a slope to the field. She gained confidence from having me walk out with her, she stayed with me walking calmly at liberty, then I stayed with her while she grazed just happy to be with her.  I let her know I would always take care of her and that I understood she was sore and couldn’t work. I also pictured her being better. I didn’t feel sorry for her,  horses don’t like this, it’s like showing a weakness which by nature they can’t afford to do.

Every day she has looked a bit better so today we went to the arena, really just to walk around and see how she looked on the soft surface. We had spent time just standing together, her breathing on my chest and just standing with me. I scratched her favorite spots.

I could feel the connection growing and she was walking really well, looking back to normal. I walked her to some grass at the edge of the arena, sat down and let her eat,  as we sat I spoke to her,( I am not an animal communicator but I do talk to my horses). ” Maya you have been standing watching Noons and I riding for the last 45 mins, do you think we will ever do this, I really need some sort of a sign from you if you change your feelings about this, I promise I will listen to you and never harm you.” She walked over to the mounting block and grazed near it. At this point the mind plays games, its coincidence surely. I stand on the mounting block, she walks away.

There is a feeling between us today however, a shared calmness, I go back and just be with her, let thoughts go. We walk together and go to the mounting block. I ask her silently could we do this? She is relaxed and I gesture to her to move closer, she does, I lean over, I tell her thank you this feels wonderful, she looks round at me over her back, we have not done this at liberty for months. I put my leg over her back and I just know its feels good,  I feel  gratitude and in awe of her I soak up the closeness with her and shared trust.

In the past I have fallen off Maya and she has told me clearly riding is not an option not with her total agreement. Today it felt like she was letting me know climbing on her back could be, I have a feeling it has to be with freedom. Recently I have had dreams of riding Maya and its always bareback and bridle less, in my dreams I feel like an American  Native Indian riding my horse at liberty together. Today I had no tack, no hat, no one looking out for me. I just trusted what I was feeling. I am not saying we should be reckless ( not at 54yrs old!)  and riding can be dangerous, I would always advise safety. However I had to take what was offered, it wasn’t riding but it was a closeness, a connection, mutual trust and a gift from a friend. It bought an even deeper sense of well being and unity to us both.

Had I let my mind control the show, all the memories would have prevented me from getting on. I have worked on things I consider that need to be in place before doing what I did, I think the prerequisites for riding and rehab is another whole blog though.



I have no problems about using tack and ride Noo noo with tack that is whats right for her, we have tried it all and that’s what feels best.

I have a feeling my dreams may have had an influence on my actions or was it Maya letting me know how things need to be for her. All I know is it felt like a dream come true, I wish good dreams for you and yours may come true as well.

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