Be like a child.

This week is half term hols, during which I look after my 4 grandchildren on a Wednesday   They range from 3-8yrs and are great fun. They allow me to go back to my own childhood and become ‘one of the gang’ as well as being Nana who has to let them know when some form of behavior is unacceptable.  Rather like the horses they need boundaries sometimes.

They always enjoy getting outside, so today we went on an adventure we took sweets,biscuits and apple juice. Wrapped up warmly and set off for the magical wood where fairies live and the haunted house. my daughters dog also comes for the day so with 4 kids and 3 dogs off I went! They loved finding holes in the bases of trees where the fairy houses are and climbed all over the place searching.

There is the ruin of what was once a big manor house in the woods at the end of our land, to get there you have to climb fences,  go past snowdrops and some very low spooky trees with moss hanging from them. They decided it smelt of witches there. They took turns to hold my hand and look after me when I thought I might slip or was afraid in case the witches weren’t friendly. We had a great adventure.


My horses love children, in fact they are really fascinated by them, well so am I, they make me laugh and take me into their world, they take me into the present moment in make believe. When we can be more childlike, we become more horse like too.

As we walked through the horses field I knew they would be over to see the children, I am very safety conscious and keep them close to me, the horses were so gentle just wanting to give them a sniff, I knew how to read what was going on between my horses and how to ask them to leave if needed. I am grateful often for what I have learnt through the waterhole rituals and the relationships with my horses that make being near them with 4 kids and 3 dogs in a big 3 acre field safe.

We were outside for about one and a half hours I think, they walked a long way. When we were in the ‘haunted house’ it was the furthest  spot from home and it started to rain. We were adventurers and it didn’t matter. We were in the moment, in our adventure. A hot bath and making their own lunch, wearing my clothes while I washed theirs, and afterwards cooking cupcakes just about finished us off!!!

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