Don’t miss one single bit.


My horses have taught me many things, we are forever evolving, when we truly enter into their world we are grateful for every moment in life, every breath, the special times as well as the tough ones, they all come for a reason. The more time I spend in their company the more present to the present moment I become. Recently my horses were host to an introduction to the waterhole rituals day here at my home. These days are fascinating as they are never going to be the same twice, I remain grateful for every moment, for every person who comes and for everything my horses offer. The moments we share will never happen again, they are unique! just like our horses and just like the people I am lucky enough to meet.

Even when the rain got heavy and we couldn’t sit in our chairs, we all lined up along the fence with our backs to the rain and after doing her best Maya let us know it was time for some hot soup and lunch, she carefully lined up, backed up,  and put herself in line with us, she had the whole arena but she chose to come and stand in line with us.

I really appreciate the uniqueness of these moments, when we see this we have to be more in the moment, why wouldn’t we be, we might miss something spectacular. My journey with the waterhole rituals and all that meeting Carolyn Resnick has bought to my life is spectacular and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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