Remaining the student.

After an incredible trip and the chance to work with a wonderful group. The thing that I have held to be important with all twelve combinations is that I am the student, I went to help deepen connections, build stronger relationships, create more harmony and simply pass on what I have learnt via the Waterhole Rituals. I was a guide passing on tools and my experiences. I was never NOT the student. Over horsey chats I was eager to to learn about every other experience people were having with their horses.

Marion and I sat up late chatting about trainers she has had and dressage, as well as the working bond with a horse.

I felt honored to have this chance to connect. It felt very special every person wanting a deeper bond, and every horse seeking a deeper connection to their human.

They all taught me many things, I would love to share some of the lessons I took from them.

Our horses are searching for us to bring to them the missing ingredient of the relationship, they will show us the areas where we need to find that way in to the fullest relationship and harmony.

For some it was just be with me, slow down and pause. Find neutral. Or be present and be a proud leader and follower in this dance. Don’t ‘want’ something too much, and forget to build the bond. Others needed to know we would always consider how they feel about any other training we are doing.  For some it was testing leadership, they needed the security that comes with knowing they have a leader they want to choose. For some it was focus. Others were just waiting for the chance to connect and dance. A chance for us to feel with our body and enjoy the connection they give us. This is the first time Briony and Reo have danced at liberty it was the end of a long day, and we were all smiling. We had to address the small matter of his lips here and there but hey! still very touching. They are finding their groove.


Our horses are always ready to offer us the lesson we need for the day. It may not be the one we were hoping for, but it will be the one we need. We just have to be present and notice.

These horses all did an amazing job each showing us the area’s where we humans needed to focus. Sometimes even giving us the difficult lesson that we need to focus on us. Unfortunately I didn’t get you all sometimes we were way too involved to take pictures.  Thanks to all though.

6 thoughts on “Remaining the student.

  1. wonderful! Inspiring….. all my inner voices were saying ‘me tooooooooo! I can’t wait til my chance comes…’

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