Not allowing our ego to judge.

Over the last two weekends I have been fortunate to meet 16 different horses and theirs Humans. Last weekend the biggest message I took was to remain the student, it was a whirlwind tour of the south east and I did feel it would have been nice to have more time with each partnership. This meant to get the most from each session I had to remain in this open, ‘learning’ way to try to quickly absorb how I could best serve them.


This weekend was very different, I met new people, old friends and new horses, I had time, as although it was a 3 hour drive, once there, the welcome was so warm and the people so open I  didn’t care how long we took and we had all day for just 4 horses.

It felt indulgent.

Again the horses left me with a strong message to take away, we must never allow our ego into the equation of building relationship and connection with a horse, or human.

Never be tempted to make judgments.


I could have rushed this handsome chap trying to connect in a physical way too soon, this was the moment when he was ready.  I had never met him or Lynda and if I had allowed my ego in we would not have built the 3way working bond we did. Lynda has given this sensitive chap the chance to be who he is and she is so willing to find the best way for him. It makes me feel very humble to share some time with people lead by good intentions, who realize dropping expectations reaps rewards. That is where Lynda was several times she said to me,”I wasn’t expecting that” and I think that is precisely why she was gifted it.


Again with no expectations as they had not worked together through the winter. Jacquie was given the performance others seek, just because Beans is connected to her. The relationship they share is one where all the 5 strings of connection were in place, ( at least they were today) the bond, the trust, respect ,willingness and focus. He did everything we suggested and really enjoyed it, no pressure, just a feeling of ok we will give it a go. Lovely energy and done without ego.

Again if you judge this book by its cover you will be missing the enormous personality inside a small cute package and doing these young mares a disservice. Debs was happy to bring both in just to experiment with the best way of working with them. They taught us all a lot about herd dynamics and our role in this. Using the waterhole rituals to shape their behavior within Deb’s herd. They showed us they had very different personalities and also that they noticed every interaction between Debs and their friend.

Debs and minis

Flo and Cocoa are still young only two years old, so again I had no expectations and to come in with ego would not have served any of us. This herd have a bond through sharing territory. We only wanted to learn from them the best way minis comingforward towards a ‘working bond’ .

When we bring an open heart, an open, quiet mind, become 100% present and leave our ego behind. Don’t judge or try to guess what will happen next, our horses know and they are drawn to us like a magnet. They help us to know ourselves better, and the more connected we are to ourselves the more THEY want to know who we are.

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