Horses set boundaries, they do this with one another.
The boundaries they use can be flexible, we sometimes need to set a boundary with our horse.

As a mother of 3 and grandmother of 4 I am very used to setting boundaries. As young children my kids would often test those boundaries. Our horses sometimes do the same. It’s not personal it’s in their nature.

The boundaries we set are ours, they may be different for all of us. I don’t mind a horse sniffing and exploring me, as we are always touching them. However if I feel an energy I am not comfortable with or a nibble coming I will set a boundary and ask the horse to respect my space and move.

The dance of connection is just that, sometimes we respect our horse’s boundaries, sometimes he respects ours, a partnership in dance requires two parties entering the discussion.

A foals mother is just like us bringing up our offspring she has to shape her foals character to be polite and fit in with the herd. When our horses are domesticated they learn to fit in with humans as well. We become part of their herd, we can shape our horses character to be polite or to be a hooligan. The Waterhole Rituals assist us with not only having an amazing relationship and connection but also in being able to shape a horses character in a way natural to him. We learn to live in harmony and build relationship and part of that is setting flexible boundaries.

Sometimes we have to set flexible boundaries with one another, while also respecting each others boundaries.  This all helps to build a working bond not only with our horses but with each other as well.

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