Alois Podhajsky


This weeks blog is inspired by part of a book.  My horses my teachers by Alois Podhajsky. Here is the part I wish to share.

How do we understand our companions? When riding and training my horses I was forever trying to put myself in the place of the animal and to think from his point of view, especially in order not to demand more than he could perform. Retrospectively I realise that the constant endeavour to understand the creatures entrusted to my care became the reason why, though I was their trainer, I feel as their pupil today. Although they had no faculty of speech, they taught me more than many humans did. Therefore I feel that I should relate my experiences with my horses for the benefit of future generations of horses andmaestosomercuriohalfpasstoright riders.

In 1939, Podhajsky became chief of the Academy of Classical Horsemanship, better known as the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria. Founded in 1572, the school’s main focus was the training of Lipizzan horses in the art of Classical dressage. Podhajsky was director of the school throughout World War II and continued in the position until his retirement in 1965.


I find it interesting that back in 1967 when this book was written, masters like Podhajsky had a very different regard for their horses than many people have today. I continue to try and share through the Waterhole Rituals and Classical dressage their view that we should remain the student of the horse and our life with him/her should be life enhancing for us both.

2 thoughts on “Alois Podhajsky

    • Thank you Kate, if every one worked on themselves and connecting to our true nature, listening to the feedback our horse gives us, the world would be a happy place. It is a lifelong habit to adopt. Thank you for your comment and for being part of the change, we can all make a difference.

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