Two days of Connection and have a good old sing along.

I have just returned from Surrey and Kent and what a fantastic time, it was really joyful to see the relationships growing and connections becoming stronger. Thank you to all of you, who allowed me to share territory with you and your horses and made me feel so welcome.

Driving home into the setting sun the radio station I was listening to dropped out, I found Radio 2 and Tony Blackburn’s golden hour. My friends of a certain age, in uk might remember him. I was coming across Salisbury Plain with vast open fields around me and found myself, totally out of tune, singing as loud as you like to these words.

Yesterday has just departed, and tomorrow hasn’t started, all that really matters is right now, and you should live a lifetime in each minute, take the sweetness from within it.

This summed up my two days. I was smiling and singing and so happy to be witness to the growing connections being made. Come on ladies sing along!!!!


2 thoughts on “Two days of Connection and have a good old sing along.

  1. Thankyou Jayne for a great afternoon. So thrilling to feel the deepening bond with all three boys. Loved every minute of it

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