The way in to our horse.

Finding the way in and the yes from our horse can be different for every partnership.



When building a relationship with our horse,sometimes we just need to look out for the requests we can make that will have our horse saying YES ! and then build on it. I believe we  need to form a bond, have mutual trust, mutual respect, willingness and focus. We need these things to create harmony in our relationship and in everything we do with our horses. If we can look for the yes and listen to the feedback from our horse we will create a happier partnership.

I was lucky to have a couple of great classical dressage lessons last weekend and to watch others riding as well. I was taught more self discipline and focus were needed on my part, true and fair. I wish to improve and learn so this will be my aim.  When the lessons ended they stopped at the very best moment and the right place, for both horses and humans.

Just like encouraging our horses willingness in this way, and finding that ‘way in’ to a better riding partnership, for me I look for this in the relationship with my horses too, Noo noo likes to be close, Maya likes more distance, by finding the way they like to work with me at liberty I find the YES in my horse, the more I can be focused, fair and progressive in everything the more yes’s I hope to get in everything.  I will work hard on myself to improve after my lessons, I will make requests to my lovely Noo noo sometimes she may think she would rather not comply but I will endeavor to be fair and make requests that she will say yes to, often I just need to have the belief that we can do something more. If I don’t believe we can I am pretty sure we won’t!

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