Peeling back the layers.

I have just spent an amazing weekend with Linda Salinas this was the 5th clinic we have had together. I was very fortunate to spend time before the clinic again with Linda and my horses. Linda has opened my eyes to many things.


When you get to know someone really well, you have a friendship which includes the things we look to build with our horses. A bond, trust, respect, willingness and focus. These bring about the magnetic connection we feel with our horses. Is this why we are drawn to some people more than others? Maybe our inner guidance kicks in and draws us to those we feel this connection with. Those we can build bonds with those we trust.

I have seen many people and horses attending these clinics, they attract the nicest people and as the three days unfold the thing I have loved to witness is the peeling back of the layers some of us put up, the false person on the outside fades and our true nature appears. As this happens we are more drawn to those who let these false layers dissolve. We become someone who can share the love of life as well as the love of horses . It is our true nature to love, with all the hate being displayed in the world, the terror attack’s and killings it is refreshing to see the message from the horses, peel back the false layers let the true self out and it will be love. My three words at the end of the clinic were I love you. I can say this, and feel this, as I am free to do so, I have peeled back those layers and can just be who I am. There is no need for me to share again what a fantastic clinic Linda delivered as many others will. If you feel drawn to come , you will follow your heart. I followed mine and it lead me to Carolyn Resnick which in turn lead me to Linda I would highly recommend it.

My horses are also in full expression of their true nature and can show me who they are and how they feel. At liberty with freedom to do so, and knowing I will not put up any  layers between us. Our horses see through this they see the reality.

P1160618.JPGMaya expression

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