Our horses can see our full potential.



Recently April came to spend the day here with my horses. Noonoo is a great teacher, first showing us to become more present and slow up. Then many lessons for April the biggest one for me was focus on me 100% if you want my attention.

Maya, after a tea break, was the one waiting with the biggest lesson of all, we shared territory and spoke  again about finding ways to become more present and more aware. We tuned into the sounds of nature, the birds and the breeze.

Maya came over and spent a long time very calmly sniffing our feet. We turned our hands over and could both feel a tingling in our palms, we could feel Maya’s energy. Her lesson for April was that she had forgotten her full potential in how well she can use energy and ‘feel’, I took the whip away and asked her to dance with Maya using her energy. She discovered she could move her away, draw her, change her direction, with very little effort and using her energy.  Here she asks her to move back.

Maya could see April was working too hard, doing too much and not tapping into her full potential, she gifted her with a beautiful lesson. April remembered to use all the gifts she already has.

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