Creating the dance with our horse.

P1160520Any dance has to flow to be beautiful, how do we encourage the flow of the dance with our horse.

 I like to think of dancing with my horse.  For us it allows  expression and creativity.

Any dance even if its one we have danced before,  will never be the same twice, the great joy of not knowing keeps us alive to the music. It keeps us alive to the moment. Great dance partners trust each other and have an affinity for one another.

Even if the dance has been rehearsed many times it can never be the same twice. A great dance partnership Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. Trust and an affinity, creating beauty.

Margot Fontane and Rudolf N

From the Guardian newspaper.

At the orchestra rehearsals the conductor prepares his or her interpretation, but with the great conductors “the performance” only happens at the concert, and it can be different every night. There are many factors that influence how conductors see a piece of music each time they perform it, and their role is to create the performance anew every time.

I once heard a player complain to Bernstein after a performance because he had done something differently from the way that he had rehearsed it. Bernstein asked the player if he wanted an automaton or a musician. Any player who has worked with great conductors knows that what they bring to their performances is the difference between competence and inspiration. It diminishes and completely misunderstands great music-making not to think there is any difference between the two.


I find my horse an inspiration I hope we inspire each other. She is not an automaton as Bernstein put it, I would rather think of her as a musician able to express herself and her extraordinary talents. This is possible because we share a connection, a bond and an affinity. Its the relationship we share that allows for her to choose me as her conductor, so that like the conductor of the orchestra she can inspire me and I can guide her,  It is up to me to be the person who she chooses and trusts. Without putting aside the want for performance, instead enjoying the evolution of the dance together, we would not have the partnership we do.

The performance arises from the affinity we share . An affinity that would not have the magic without The Waterhole Rituals.

I truly believe that when our focus is on our horses well being and our relationship not the performance, that is when a great performance emerges. It springs forth from the joy of being together, moving together and allowing for creativity together.

4 thoughts on “Creating the dance with our horse.

  1. Thank you Jane so beautifully explained. I am learning to express myself through movment to understand my energy and shake off my conditioning of wanting to control the moment of my ponies. It is a very interesting process!

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