Finding the way to connection.

I was recently lucky to finally after many years of meaning to do it, get round to learning from Jenny Rolfe. I had thought about doing it, but never actually did.

I do believe there is a right time and place for everything. Possibly I was still following other paths, maybe my own journey of self realisation was not at the point where I could meet Jenny as the person I was meant to be when we met. I feel sure she has assisted many others on their own similar journey . However I was on a different route to that point.  We were meant to meet at the exact point that we did. I was better prepared to fully absorb all I could. We met as two beings knowing who they are and knowing also how much common ground and love of horses we shared. I had instant respect for Jenny, how down to earth and grateful she is, how not driven by ego and humble, very rare qualities in someone with her experience and connections in the horse world. There are many different routes towards connection with our horse and ourselves. I truly believe to fully experience true heartfelt connection with a horse, human or indeed our self we need to nurture these qualities.

I went open without judgement ready to learn and be the student. Why would I go in any other way? Sometimes we have strong beliefs and we are not ready to see that a ‘different’ way, may  be worthy of exploring when we are ready.

Finding the way to connection.

To find the way into connection with a horse can take many different paths there may be as many subtle differences as there are horses and humans. To learn different ways to connection from experienced teachers with shared ideals is always worth pursuing.

When I watched how Jenny connected with her horses I was absorbed in the moment,  I very much enjoyed experiencing how the connection was growing and to have the chance to try to ‘put it into practice’ Horses are amazing teachers Red and Habil showed how they felt unafraid to show their spirit just like Noons , Maya and Tarky they are not ‘programmed’ to perform. I had to earn the special moments they offered and speak their language. This is when horses show us who we are.

After watching Jenny work with Red she put him away, Habil was just along the yard in his stable, I approached, he told me very clearly, ” I don’t want you here” I respected his wishes and retreated. Jenny gave them some hay and went to get him out. It turned out he had an opinion about Red working first!! Once in the arena I could see him change and he was very focused on Jenny.

Then it was my turn to try out my new found ways of communicating with him. My initial meeting with Habil made it feel all the more special when I felt a real affinity with him. He most likely appreciated my quick response to him telling me to ‘get lost’ and also the fact that I did not take it personally when I was with him all I was thinking about was how lovely it would be to build a connection with him trying to use what Jenny had shown me, also how amazing he is. We humans can get so offended when our horse is merely communicating.

Habil all smiles.

The information I would like to share in this blog is simple, follow a path that draws you in, if you are searching for connection with your horse follow the path that suits you both, things will come at the right time when you are ready. Beware of treading a new path before you have explored the one you are on to the point where you can remain open to new ideas and blend them with your present ones. Remain Grateful, Humble, Listen and like Jenny and myself when we met SMILE OFTEN. Don’t be afraid to feel the joy of the moment. Thank you, Jenny, Barrie, Red and Habil.



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