Seeking companionship.

Horses seek companionship, humans enjoy the company of horses, I don’t claim to have studied the science behind this very much, however I know from how it feels for me that horses are good for me, mentally, spiritually and physically.

maya and me

When I am with my horses I am calm, I feel a sense of peace and well being. I tune into them and their world. The deeper our connections become the more I feel, hear and communicate with them in their world with their silent language.


We share time together because it feels good, we feel a bond and connection that is a two way shared energy. We don’t need to analyse what we are doing or over think things, we just let it flow.  Horses know more about us than we know ourselves, they feel our emotions and energy. They know if we are aware and present, to feel the benefits of a deep connection with our horse takes time, sometimes you will feel it other days maybe not, they are always ready to offer this, the self realisation they can bring to us has to be welcomed to be of benefit. I am in awe of how lucky we are as a species on this planet to have the horse in our lives, in awe of how they continue to offer us these connections even when we are not ready to fully appreciate and experience them. They just keep offering and waiting for us to wake up and tune in.

This deeper level of connection is something I had at one point, no awareness of, the horses I share this with are willing to share this message with others as well. When I meet new horses often they connect with me easily, and seem to know that I can feel this they already feel the lines of silent communication are open and that I come with love in my heart. Not always, they all have their own personality and experience of us humans. They seem to know when they offer me connection I am ready to embrace it and I thank them for it. When I meet a horse less willing to share this experience I will endeavor to show them who I am and that I would love to see their true nature, I am always receptive to what they have to show me. Through the study of the horse and with guidance from Carolyn Resnick in The Waterhole Rituals I have been lucky to discover my true nature. To enjoy the companionship horses offer.

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