More lessons from Maya.

 Today spending time with Maya I clearly heard another lesson from her. It was that she had been waiting for me to accept her and love her unconditionally, just like her mother had. How often do we allow ourselves to give up wanting, we are always wanting to change things. When we can live in the present and allow ourselves to ‘feel’ with the sensations in our body and the intuition we bury, with the heart that our animals want to connect with Joy is our more frequent companion. Our horses are so much more evolved in some aspects than we are.

scratching again.

Maya has taught me the way in to a close relationship with her is to simply feel the joy of unconditional love with her that she shared with her mother. The moments of intimacy grooming, scratching those itches and being close have been important to her. There was a time when she couldn’t bear to work up close to me, her whole body would become tense, brushing even caused tension. These intimate moments have created a feeling of closeness that she now seeks and we both enjoy. How could I ever have thought of riding her without these lessons she has given me.


The pauses, time spent simply enjoying each others presence, feeling an energetic connection have been the things that have created a relationship where she now says yes, she is a horse who wants to be heard and if she has an opinion she will show it, sometimes we negotiate still but it is always done with unconditional love. Just like the love I have for my children, when they were growing up sometimes they had to know a certain behavior was not acceptable, they always knew and still do that I love them unconditionally.

As Humans we often feel superior to animals, this makes us deaf to the messages they have to share and the lessons we can learn. We think we know best and even with the best intentions sometimes we forget to honor the spirit and being inside the beautiful creature that we see and want to be close to. Finding and acknowledging that soul of our horse or any other creature, without the other emotions that cloud us is the key to finding the joy of unconditional love both given and received in return. The emotions of fear, jealousy, anger and even lack of self worth along with any other negative emotions are what hold us back, these are the things our horses would like to help dissolve in us, so the unconditional love they have to share can come forth. This is part of their message for us. This is how they wish to be of service to us. They can raise us up to be so much more than we are, when we are ready to listen and learn.

4 thoughts on “More lessons from Maya.

  1. Thankyou Maya and Jayne. These were just the words I needed to hear. I have been doing too much wanting and not enough feeling. Some liberty with Reo just listening and feeling a connection and accepting what he is, and I am feeling much more positive

    • That’s great Briony, Reo will give you the messages he wants you to have, sounds good and I am so looking forward to seeing you all on the 18th. He is very open to the connection with you. Now he has experienced this new relationship with you he is not going to settle for anything less I feel. He’s a smart boy.

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