Experience all of life to it’s fullest.

Today some of my family and I went for a walk to the woods. It was lovely to feel the sun on my face and see the trees laden with leaves, the path overgrown like a mini jungle, the birds in the sky and abundance of life all around. To enjoy all of life to the fullest is very much like being a child again, today Maisie and Lily enjoyed climbing a tree, they really enjoyed it and were very much in the moment of tree climbing.

As we walked back we took a route which went along a tall thick hedge between two fields, the horses were the other side of the hedge, they could hear our voices and as I spoke Maya called to me! I answered her and she called again, it was not time for them to come in. When we got back we climbed through a gate and there waiting outside the stables was Maya, she knew we would be heading towards where she was waiting. The horses have the freedom to go down to the field or to come in to the stables for part of the day. Maya had decided she wanted to check in and say hello,she had gone around a route away from us and out of her way to simply come and see us,then once she saw us walk off towards the house she went back out. It is this level of connection and relationship that never fails to amaze me and make me feel humble before these incredible creatures, this is guidance from the horse in how to live connected and in harmony and that is what I wish for everyone to experience. They are always ready to share this with us, sometimes already very connected waiting for us to acknowledge it. Sometimes I think they are unsure about offering this connection to us humans through never having the relationship with a human that they needed. Maya was like this, unsure that I was truly ready to be the person she needed me to be, having found myself and my connection to all of life, of course the connection with her grew and now she knows she can experience this with other humans too.

The Waterhole Rituals,  and connections with Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas are the influence’s for me, that have changed forever my experience of life with my horses, but not just horses, all of life.

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