More lessons from the horses about different ways to find the entry point of connection.

Last weekend I returned to Surrey and Kent it was a great weekend and as always the horses bring the lessons we need in the moment. Lots of great sessions and connections, new to the group on Saturday were Holly and Carla who both  already shared great relationships with their horses, they both experienced a very different and deeper way to connect at liberty. Holly is expecting a baby and her lovely horse beks sniffed her little bump several times, he was very focused on her and I think they will enjoy this time to deepen the bond working at liberty together. Carla’s mare Joste was a bit unsettled and was surprised when I checked that we could request that she move, if a horse is unsettled I will try to find the entry point of connection for them and a way to settle them, if this is not possible we will not work with the horse. I felt she was more interested in me when I made a request of her, even if it was one which was new to her. This helped her to settle and soon she was safe for Carla to work with. Carla is an experienced horsewomen and did a wonderful job it was rather emotional for all watching. Once that entry point of connection was gained Joste responded beautifully. Sharing a close connection with Carla. The pair had never worked at liberty before. It is beautiful to see what our horses are ready to offer sometimes.

Aprils cheeky gypsy cob Shamus was showing us he was interested in being cheeky and also exploring anything he could find, he was not focused and was very busy, for him the entry point of connection was finding neutral for himself and April, once this was achieved they had a beautiful harmonious connection.

Nina and Fred have a long tale to tell which I hope she will share here one day, this weekend the ‘goal’ that she had once wanted, and Fred had shown her needed to be dropped was realised. Now being grateful for Fred and loving him just for being him, sharing territory and living in the moment with him has gifted her with a close relationship. A true working bond has grown between them now.

Unable to ride or lunge Fred, Nina found the Waterhole Rituals and this weekend her lovely Spanish horse who did not want someone on his back came to the mounting block and when he moved closer to offer Nina his back, well lets just say the tissues weren’t far away. For all of us. He had a choice and showed clearly the things he was choosing. Nina has entered a new world and notices his messages and gives him freedom to choose.

Nina enjoying sharing territory with Fred.


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