Horses can enjoy a new challenge and teach us to slow up.

Sometimes when I am with my horses they feel like they are up for trying something new, today I set up an obstacle course, it was based on the one used in Working Equitation, I made a jump out of hay bales and had 3 barrels in a triangle to work around, a pen to go in and around and an L shape of poles to go into and back out of, another pole on the ground was to go sideways over. Both the girls were really good and I worked them together, each taking turns to work around the course. I didn’t tackle this from their backs like a rider competing in Working Equitation would, we started as we normally do at liberty.

Thanks to the bond and relationship we share I was able to work safely with 2 horses sharing the arena and we certainly did have some fun. Carolyn Resnick’s method helps us to build a strong bond like horses would share together, as well as a working bond where our horse wants to please us.  In the past I have had a little jump with Noo noo and she always seemed a bit unimpressed by this. Today she flew over the hay bales. We did have to set a boundary over eating them, once this was understood we were fine. Here is a clip of the master of W.E Pedro Torres. I do admire the skill needed by both horse and rider.

Don’t ever be afraid to have some fun, once you have the working bond built at liberty using the Waterhole Rituals you know when and how to ask and your horse likes this and says YES!

After our work out, I spent some time grooming with the grooming gloves both girls love this, both of them decided when it was time to stop grooming, slow up and just breath. They put their muzzle next to my face and we both take long slow breaths and enjoy being, they ask for this slow time and they bring me a sense of peace.

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