I am an addict.

I have to finally own up to it, horses are my addiction, it is becoming difficult to live a normal life, today was earmarked for housework, washing, cleaning, paying some bills. None of which has been done!

I fear my condition may be about to get far worse, Joyce is here tonight so more horses will be here tomorrow for lessons.  It gets even worse next week Linda Salinas arrives!!

Then 3 full days among others like myself I may be lost forever after this, I could be found living in a field just to be around them even longer. Today the sun was shining and the company was beautiful.

great veiw.jpg

These two along with Tarquin are the main reason for this condition today they kept drawing me to stay longer with them, it was hard to leave but all hope is not lost I did eventually get hungry and grass was never going to do it, I had to come in for some lunch. Next time I must prepare a picnic!

laying down


Beware of this condition there is no cure, it can be life enhancing and addictive.

Have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “I am an addict.

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. I am so happy I am not the only one becoming completely unable to carry out what I previously thought was normal life chores…..I get “lost” for hours with mine too.

  2. The pull to the fields to hang out with my horses gets stronger and stronger, the peace and tranquility that they share with each other is something us humans need to learn from and they are always happy to share that space with me and the more I do it the more I want to be out there… and let’s be honest if the choices are housework or horses, horses win every time for me!!

  3. My kitchen was flooded recently. (For the third time) I am not replacing my cooker or other items untill the council sort the problem out so I made one of my stables into a kitchen! Now I only sleep at home it’s been wonderful to spend so much time with my girls.

  4. my name is Julian and it’s too lait for me as well! except it’s even fare worse case with me!!! couse I’m not fulfilled without having to help oder people to change there ways with there horses as will! my hearth for horses are too big to only count my owns!!

    (pssst, is there a heart operation to cut some of the parts that’s for horses anywhere? 😂)

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