I have had a wonderful year seeking connection.

WHY? would I seek connection with horses.

I can only give an answer based on my perception of connection with horses and how it feels for me.

WHY?  why would we seek connection with our horse? When I first entered into the whr program it was for a reason, I couldn’t depend on my horse and little did I realise she couldn’t depend on me! I could train her to a point however we always hit resistance eventually. Once on the whr path things changed, I still had my interest in classical dressage. Riding along with ground work was getting softer and easier as we continued our journey into The Waterhole Rituals. Connection was wonderful when I felt it and we grew closer all the time trust and willingness was building. I could have continued with a much more trainable horse.

Something spoke to me to seek more, as I went along I changed and as I changed so did my perception of connection. I have learnt from my horses what a true deep connection is, it is the same as the connection they share with one another words are not needed and we flow in unity.

It could be they were offering this all along and I missed it or could it be they felt a disconnect in me? When we seek connection with our horse not only do we connect with their true nature we discover our own. Not only do we build a working bond with our horse where they read our mind, listen to our thoughts and want to be in our company, they enter into the training we bring to them with enthusiasm. We start to enjoy connection with them just because it feels so good.

I have had a fabulous year in 2017 and have had the privilege to work with wonderful people and horses. My good friend Linda Salinas came over from America twice and we had two wonderful clinics, growing the  whr community.

Habil all smiles.

I have traveled to Wales, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Kent, Cornwall and to a wonderful regular group near London in Surrey. I have clinics and private lessons booked for next year  please check my events page. I can’t wait to bring more horses and their humans ways to find deeper connection.  I made a new friend in Jenny Rolfe and spent a wonderful time with her and her horses,  I am now riding in her bitless bridle and my horses love it. With Habil at Jenny’s, I felt a strong connection. I am working on getting Jenny up here to Somerset next year.

I am looking forward to improving our ridden work with Joyce Mulder and Peter Maddison Greenwell next year too.

In the summer Carolyn Resnick made me a certified Instructor in her method, Carolyn has taught me so much and still does, she is a wonderful women and extremely talented horsewomen. I will continue to work closely with Carolyn and Linda to learn and share this magical experience of the Waterhole Rituals.

Thank you to every one for your support and for seeking a relationship based on the bond, trust, mutual respect, willingness and focus. Thank you for being prepared to listen and learn from the horses and for allowing me to learn from you and your horses too. It has been incredible to watch things blossom and grow. See you next year!

Jayne x

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