Smile every day.

First blog this year and I am feeling pleased the days are getting lighter just a bit each day. The horse’s coats are starting to shed too.  I hope everyone is looking forward to the year ahead, enjoying now, and staying warm.


It’s winter, it’s grey,  gloomy, either raining, snowing or frozen. Not when most of us are feeling at our most jolly. ” Grin and Bear it” is an old saying,  some old sayings have some truth and meaning behind them. There have been studies into the fact that smiling can reduce stress and be good for your heart.

So no matter how tough winter can seem especially with animals, I set you a challenge I have set it for myself too. Find something every day to smile about.


Kiss a pony, cuddle a horse, admire their muddy hairy coat.15230651_1052701068190299_3720532321892818823_n


Doing a good deed for someone else, being kind, or taking care of our animals, stopping for a moment to watch the birds or share breath with a horse can all help to cheer up those gloomy days.

Maya standing over me

Life is too short to waste one day without a smile. Please share what has made you smile recently? It might brighten someone’s day.

Lots of pictures for this one but they do make me smile!!!

Jayne x

7 thoughts on “Smile every day.

  1. Lovely 😊 I set a task for myself too for Jan…something to be grateful for every day…going to do the smile too. And yes it’s getting lighter every day yippppeeee 😬

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