Balance & Harmony.


The Yin Yang symbol a symbol of balance? It seems that way the dark part the Yin has a part of the white part the Yang and vice versa . It is a symbol from Daoism/Taoism  ancient Chinese religion. So the fact that both parts contain some of each other conveys the message that everything contains the seed of it’s opposite. Daoism teaches that the universe is made up of energies, vibrations and matter. Something can be Yin or Yang the two are both sides of the same coin.

If the universe is made up of energies vibrations and matter how do we experience this? and you might be asking now “What has it to do a blog about horses?”

Horses are far more tuned into this than us. They can be our guides to feeling energy, vibration and matter, Like Yin and Yang these are all interlinked is a wave yin or yang? is it energy, vibration or matter? It can be all of these.

When we start to see our horses in this way as a creature who is capable of being far more finely tuned into these things than us we can start to appreciate how she can feel us coming before we arrive, as do our dogs. Our horse can seem to read our mind and know what mood we are in.

Someone came to visit our farm, he was a farmer, he walked through where the horses were in their stables and told me he didn’t like horses “One end bites and the other end kicks!” and “They can smell fear” I agreed and added they fear your fear and can defend themselves or ( and here is the lesson about you from the horse) they could be sending you a message about how you make them feel.

If you are afraid you are out of balance with the harmony of nature. Your horse may not smell it but they feel it. So if you find yourself in this place take a moment to know that balance contains dark and light, acknowledge your fear, feel how it makes your body feel, no point trying to disguise it from a horse this creates more imbalance within us. What ever we wish to do with our horse, Balance and Harmony between us makes it a pleasurable experience for both of us.

To accept that we don’t need to be perfect or tough or ‘a great horseman’ or a great rider or anything other than ourselves, knowing who we are and being authentic with horses opens up a wonderful conversation and creates more…..Balance & Harmony.

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Wishing you Balance and Harmony.

Jayne x

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