Lessons from Cornwall.

After a long drive west, I arrived at The Peep out, a training yard way down into Cornwall. It is also the home of  The Cornwall swimming horses, Thanks to Shelley for inviting me and Chris for being open minded enough to join in and to allow his horses and their handlers to take part. Shelley showed me the area of field she had prepared for us to work in and here you can see the stunning backdrop we had of St Michael’s Mount.




One of the lessons from this clinic was for us to keep our focus if we wish for the focus of our horse. Another was to give up wanting an end goal and instead grow the strings of connection using the first 5 Waterhole Rituals, Develop a bond by spending time sharing territory, evolve a deep mutual trust, encourage willingness and stay focused on our horse to keep his focus. Often when a person’s focus wandered so did the horses. The horses also showed us when our focus drifts and we have a connection, that connection will drift also if we don’t nurture it we can be the one who breaks the connection our horses are offering.

Here the first 5 rituals were in place and the connection was a two way energetic and mutually beneficial  feeling,  Tayo offered companion walking with Shelley.




On Sunday the sun came out and the horses enjoyed some warmth on their backs, some decided sunbathing was the order of the day. It was lovely to work with horses who had been well introduced to the area we would work in they were all very happy here and could even see their field mates. However if we wish to further our relationship and move on from sunbathing together sometimes we need to wake up a bit. This was the case with Juju, once woken up she was very happy to join the party and I felt she was pleased she didn’t miss it.




Hannah and James were our first combination and speaking to Hannah beforehand she expressed that she felt she lacked leadership skills, I think James must have known as he was very happy to follow her lead and her leadership shone through, it was so flowing and easy because she had no end goal and worked on building the relationship with him. He offered to choose her calm, gentle but clear leadership.



He was the perfect gentleman for her to work with and he seemed to know what was needed. When our horse shows us they resonate with our style of leadership and feel we are a trustworthy, fair and reliable leader to choose we have no need of lessons about leadership other than the one given by the horse. I am looking forward to keeping in touch and hearing were it goes for everyone involved.

Thanks for having me Cornwall.

Jayne x





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