Another lesson from Cornwall.

I felt this lesson from the horses and the observations Shelley and I shared through the weekend was worthy of a blog all of it’s own.

As we introduced the Waterhole Rituals to some horses for the first time and took others a little deeper into the practice of them we saw very similar reactions in the horses eyes and expressions.


Tayo started either not looking at Shelley or with a somewhat skeptical expression, her body posture also communicated how she felt. We noticed the biggest change in her expression and softness of her eyes, also where she was looking with her eyes changed as we worked with her at liberty. The saying ” The eyes are the windows to the soul” couldn’t have been more true with the horses in Cornwall as they all to some degree changed how and where they chose to look.


Here you can see her posture has changed to very relaxed,  Shelley and Tayo are in sync their legs matching perfectly, this is something our horses offer. Her eyes became soft as did her expression.

When I connect with people at clinics, which is always my aim, I never wear sunglasses I like to be able to look someone in the eye, have you ever noticed how someone who can’t look at you , who shifts their gaze,  can make you feel they are not interested in what you have to say or it can even make you feel uncomfortable and less trusting of them. Maybe we have an in built ability to communicate with our eyes,  horses have not lost this it can be very subtle, if you watch you may spot it. Let your eyes be the window to your soul if you feel the urge to seek connection.

I have noticed that my grandchildren have not dulled this down, they smile with their eyes when they become animated.


Even Oscar who only has one eye changed his expression and became softer despite the heavy rain and fading light. His human Dawn has been helping him cope with life with only one eye using the Waterhole Rituals he has to know he can trust her and we could see the bond between them. I feel this will get stronger and stronger and they will have a very special partnership.


Looking forward…… with both eyes as an open window, to meeting and connecting with more horses and humans this year.

Jayne x

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