Being Grateful.

A big lesson from my recent clinics and something my teacher Carolyn Resnick has always guided  me towards is to practice gratitude. Being grateful really is life enhancing and when it comes to building a relationship with horses when we can be grateful for what  they are ready to offer we tend see the positives.



Having expectations can leave us not feeling so grateful when they do not come to fruition. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture even if our horse is tiny.

Feeling gratitude for our horse with no expectations feels good for us and our horses.         We are only human and can loose sight of this so if we make it a practice to find something we are grateful for each day this may help us to get used to feeling grateful and seeing the good in almost anything. Generally when something makes us feel good we tend to want more of that feeling.


Sid here at our clinic in Wales looks like he is feeling good in this moment.

Recently I held an introduction to the Waterhole Rituals day here with my horses, we had no expectations of them and I thank the ladies who came and entered into this exploration with me. In fact in the morning we practiced only the first two rituals, it was so rich with Noonoo showing how she sought connection with each and every one of us while sharing territory, she blessed us with sharing her breath and companionship with us, she had hay and could go where ever she wished.  Also in greeting her there was much to consider and observe in our approach. Before we knew it we had spent the entire morning being very grateful for her, for the sunshine and for the chance to enjoy meeting one another. After lunch we worked with Maya who also had many lessons for us and again left us feeling humble and grateful.



I am always so proud of my girls they always have the lessons that are needed ready for us. They loved this small group of women and offered a great deal of connection. I felt they knew you all came open minded and with open hearts ready to feel the connection they could share.

Tarquin watched on for this one however he came to share territory with me the following day and we were both grateful to share a wonderful hour together. Hopefully he will take part next time.


Jayne x


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