Expanding the Waterhole Ritual community.

I have always said the Waterhole Rituals bring together the nicest people, it is always a group who come together and over the weekend bond and support one another.

Last weekend was no exception I met 6 wonderful horses and their humans and some non horse participants who were also very much part of the group, we had interesting discussions over lunch and learnt from every persons questions.

Whoever was in the arena with a horse was supported and not judged by all watching instead thanked for allowing us all to learn from them and their horse.


It is always such a pleasure to share ideas and come together to build a community like this for the weekend. We explored how little we might need to do for our horse to feel our influence. Also how easy is it for our horse to understand our intentions and body language. New questions came up about the type of leadership and energy our horse wishes us to provide and how building trust can be paramount to any other pursuits we share.

The question of wrapping our horse in cotton wool and like our children when they are ready for more independence, helping them have the confidence not to rely on us too much. We worked on connection and relationship and these things are of course all part of that. The horses were allowed to express how they felt and we listened to their feedback and it shows in the beautiful pictures how they offered connection from our approach.

Thank you to Nina brooks for putting it all together, even the chickens wanted to take part.


Love Jayne.

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