The path of no or least resistance.

I always learn something from every horse and human I meet, today a very clever mare showed us that she could be very clear in her opinions about taking a path of no resistance. When she was given something to resist against she showed us, not really by resisting but showing she wasn’t keen. When we took the path where there was flow, harmony, gentle requests that she liked and in moments gave over leadership to her, she offered everything.

She also showed us that if we drop the connection and our focus for one second, again she feels offended, she will learn to enjoy moments where we break the connection and did indeed start to,  when it is done in the right way with clear intention not by accident. She communicates clearly her feelings and when we let her know we understood them she was ready to offer more and more connection. Her lovely human also felt such a strong connection from her and how there can be moments of give and take, like any fair 50/50 relationship. She really is an amazing teacher! also ready to be the student, as we should be, ready to guide and lead also ready to follow and learn.


When we walk down this path things become effortless and easy, we have to be ready to drop agendas feel the moment and leave our ego elsewhere, or at least start to quieten it! That is when the magic happens like today with Elle exploring The Waterhole Rituals At Liberty. Here she is coming out of the woods at home.

Love Jayne x


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