A Waterhole gathering in Surrey.


I arrived at Woodstock Lane South liveries where my clinics in Surrey are held with the aircon blasting out in my car, when I stepped out Wow! 9.45 am and it felt like the tropics. (April and Shamus pictured) always give me a bed for the night and she  welcomes me into her home, so very grateful.

Day one we started sharing territory with a lovely arab mare Amira, I have known her some time and have never seen her as settled and relaxed as she was this day, the Waterhole Rituals and her human Elaine’s approach have had a very positive effect on this lovely lady.  After talking with all the participants, explaining the Rituals,  a little about Carolyn Resnick and also her buisness partner and certified instructor Nancy Zintsmaster. (Who I think we would all love to visit for a retreat after seeing her incredible home and horses.) I asked everyone in turn what they were hoping to gain from the day and we closed our eyes and started to enter the world of our horses, becoming present to moment and all around.

Every clinic is different and I never know what will feel right at any given moment, untill it happens, finding the entry point of connection with our horse can involve many different things, in this clinic we played the carrot game with three different horses and humans, which I have not done for some time, there was a reason for this and it was different for each of the horses, there are many benefits from all of Carolyns Method.

We also explored team work between humans with a horse and different ways we come to influence them. this came into the carrot game as well.

When to lead and when to follow was the message from one sensitive mare. We helped a horse become more settled by behaving as a herd of horses would when approaching and retreating and approaching further towards an area of suspicion keeping awareness of all around us, and keeping the flow between us, entering into how does it feel for them and how to find that entry point of connection.

My thanks to all involved and the horses and humans who took part.

Elaine and Amira, Fiona and Tara, Louisa and Popeye, Kate and Megan, Pascale and Pearl, Debbie and Oscar, Rachel and Prince, April and Shamus, Daria, and thanks to Nina for hosting and all her work putting things together of course as always we love a dance together with Fred ( her horse).

I wish you all connection and a fabulous journey searching for it.

Love Jayne x



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