Feeling into connection.

So many things that I see through connecting with horses at liberty using the Waterhole Rituals follow over to riding, ground work and my whole life with and without my horses. I was recently lucky enough to have three days of lessons with a lady who has experienced so much with so many horses. Her patients was never ending and watching her teach as well as in my own lessons she was connecting with the horse, and the rider, she was FEELING everything that was going on and riding the horse with us. Guiding us in how to use our bodies in a way that makes riding in balance easy for our horse.

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When I guide people through The Carolyn Resnick method and we find ways in to connection with the horse it is the same I have to FEEL my way into connection on the ground at liberty. I have to give that partnership my entire focus and Ross Lewis did that for all of us who came to learn from her. The subtle use of nuances within requests learning to whisper instead of shouting is what I wish to create on the ground and someone showed me how to FEEL it in riding. I share a deep connection with my horse Noonoo and she tries so hard for me, she really liked that a penny dropped for me on her back, I could ride her at liberty before but what Ross taught me was how to make life more comfortable for her and bring out the maximum of balance and connection that we could could find at the moment in riding. She also understood Maya and I could see that horses want to trust her and connect with her. She is passing on important lessons learned with all the horses she has worked with and all the teachers she herself has learnt from. These are lessons that serve us and our horses well, we all look to the future and love our technology, I think we can still return to lessons learnt in the past when dressage was for the horse not the prize. It was for the art of riding and there were true masters of this art.

Thank you Ross Lewis for lessons that come from the heart and from the desire to really help horses and riders.

Here’s wishing everyone harmony and balance in everything we do with our horses,

Love Jayne x


3 thoughts on “Feeling into connection.

  1. Hi Jayne

    Hope all is well with you and the horses. You sound like you are having some amazing moments!

    Could you let me know when Ross is back again as I would love to come and watch a day of lessons with her.

    When the weather cools down a bit I would love to have you come over again and work with me and Buddy. We have lapsed a bit on the Waterhole Rituals and I find I am re-interpreting the rituals having been to a lecture day by Lucy Rees. I’d like to move towards more subtle and less insistent body language and remember to be a follower/herd member allowing Buddy to influence my following him at times. I’d like to be less of a herder and more of a dance partner!!

    Kind regards

    Dee Johnson ________________________________

  2. I also went to Lucy’s lecture, and it resonated very much with me, I think being a dance partner is what we want to aim for! remember, the Waterhole Rituals were designed from the study of wild horses but with the aim of helping domesticated horses. They are designed to help us humans communicate more clearly to domestic horses in a way that is natural, every method is open to personal interpretation and the Waterhole Rituals is a flexible method which we can use in a way that suits our horses nature, allowing his true nature to shine. We also see our true nature too. I have observed many domesticated horses and I don’t think they behave the same as wild horses, at least not all the time. My aim now is to observe some wild horses so that I can see the differences.
    Hope to see you and Buddy soon, and remember I am always here if you need help.
    Warm Regards and thanks for your comment.
    Jayne x

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