Tarquin was part of our family for 22 years, he was well known in Cobham pony club, possibly more for his cuddly nature, love of sandwiches and ability to drink through a straw, more than his jumping talents.

On 26th July he had colic and was put to sleep, it has taken time to be able to put it down in words. I feel it is time now to say something as it has been hard having the two girls on their own, the empty stable keeps calling for a new herd member.

Our new herd member has found us and his name is Chester, he is a 14.1 cross breed pony from World Horse Welfare. I will be charting his progress here in my blog as we start our journey into the Waterhole Rituals together. Tarquin was a wonderful pony at the intro days here and formed a connection with many people, often he chose them.

I felt very much that Chester chose me and that we instantly liked each other. Please don’t feel sorry for us at our loss, it was his time and Tarquin would be pleased for Noonoo to have another ‘boy next door’ We all miss him but are so grateful for having him in our lives. Please simply wish Chester well for his new future. I will introduce him soon.

Love Jayne x

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