2019 It’s only a number….

So here we are in a new year! Some of us make new years resolutions. Some set goals for ourselves. Some hope we will reach our full potential this year and find the purpose we have dreamt of. Achieve something with our horses maybe?

What if we don’t need any of that? Can we truly be happy exactly where we are right now? Can we know we are where we are meant to be and be content with that? I believe it is only a matter of perspective.

If we can feel grateful for every thing life brings us good and bad and know it is part of our unique path in life we are more at peace. Knowing we are enough and sticking to our own truth , looking within and knowing what gives our life meaning. This gives us freedom from the pressure to perform, we can keep to our inner sense of purpose.

We are all connected and therefore being conscious of the impact we have on others human, animal, the planet and beyond is important. It matters, how we impact one person as it may lead on to how they impact another! Food for thought. Lets hope we can all strive for the most beneficial ways to impact one another next year and beyond.

I have been fortunate to be able to share what I love The Waterhole Rituals
™ I hope the people and horses I meet feel it has had a beneficial impact. I know many do. My wish for this year is to connect in person with as many of you as possible, to continue to share what has bought so much meaning and joy to me and to keep being part of the wonderful kindness I feel within the clinics we experience together. When we meet I know we will be exactly where we are meant to be. For me I am always ready for the next gift from my horses as well as yours. Often they are more than any goal I would have set out to achieve it is so exciting when the unexpected happens.

Thanks to Jacqueline Sheedy for the pictures.

Wishing everyone Health, Happiness and Horses! not only for the new year but for life.

Love Jayne x

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