Mind ,Body, and Spirit.

I love my logo, my friend Polly and I designed it together. Why did I choose this? I feel that it is important to consider all aspects of our horse and indeed ourselves.

If we don’t have a happy relaxed horse in his mind it will show in his body, the same is true for us, when we are not happy and balanced it can show as Dis-ease, so when our horse is not at ease it is not beneficial to his overall well being. What do we address first? well all things are connected so really we need to address the whole horse. The whole relationship with our horse and ourselves.

We all interpret Mind, Body, Spirit, in slightly different ways as well depending on our own perspective and evolution. It is not static every second there are changes going on in us and in our horse, we need to bring awareness to these changes and shifts, therefore we also need to remain focused. How often do you find your mind has wandered when you are with your horse. Sometimes this happens and we wonder why our horse is not paying attention!!! So a balanced mind, and overall awareness are very beneficial.

We can also hold tension in our bodies, our horse will often reflect this, do you find you are clenching your jaw? stiff in your neck? or have a knot in your stomach? very often our horses will mirror this, if we do a scan of our body and find tension be aware it is there and let it go, watch your horse let go and show signs of relaxation. So a relaxed body is a start, we can also find ways to stay in tune with our own body and stay fit and healthy for our horses. Particularly if we wish to ride, it is much easier for our horse if we are balanced and easier to be a balanced rider if our horse is in balance. Mind and body are connected, what goes on in our mind can affect the body, they can work together in harmony. Our mind can listen to sensations in the body and we can feel sensations in our body due to what is going on in our mind.

Sharing Territory and the daily practice of The Waterhole Rituals
™ The Carolyn Resnick method gives me the time to address how our relationship will feel today and do we have balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Spirit………. this can mean different things to different people, we know about our mind it asks questions for us , takes in knowledge and sometimes plays tricks! we feel and see our bodies. Our horses feel our energy. They can connect with our energy , they also react to our body language, emotions and intentions. Have you ever thought about the spiritual connection? The part of us that is also part of everything else, we can loose the connection to this, I believe when we rediscover it our horse will connect with it, why wouldn’t they we are all connected already. Spirit is harder to check in with, it is not part of the physical world, we can’t see it. It is the unseen non physical part that is in everything so why would we not be able to connect with other life forms in this way. Some call it the soul, source or consciousness, if we open our hearts and learn from our horses, they are still in touch with their spirit and always ready to help us rediscover ours.

Love Jayne x

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