Update on Chester.

Chester has been learning so much and our relationship grows stronger every day. I was reminded of a quote from Charles de kunffy in his book The ethics and passions of dressage. He says ” There is no neutrality in riding you are either actively improving your horse, or actively breaking him down.” I was shocked when I read this and it did make me stop and think. I am pleased to say that we can find neutrality at liberty and transfer this to work with tack.

The Waterhole Rituals ™ allow our horse the freedom to be neutral and for us to be neutral with him. Of course even at Liberty we can actively be improving ourselves, our relationship with our horse and indeed our horse himself. Most horses are perfect at being a horse and need no improving however sometimes horses will shape the character of other horses and this is what we aim to do, like our children we wish our horses to be polite members of society. Chester has been learning this. He is very cheeky and I have to set boundaries sometimes like the older horses of a herd would. I also love taking a pause and finding a neutral moment with him as he is a fast pony in every way and is learning he can slow up.

I am at an age where I no longer wish to race around jumping cross country fences, I am happy to go slow and taking time and baby steps has proven to be the right approach for this ‘fast’ pony. The video is only our second ride on our own, we have come to a point where we trust each other enough now and feel comfortable together. Chester has so much to learn about being in our human world he has never had very much learning and on the positive side although he is a rescue and was neglected he has never learnt that learning isn’t fun.

He has also learnt that going through trailers is simply another game we play together, staying calm when I shut him in too, next step will be a short trip which we will also make fun and enjoy the adventure together.

This second link will take you to a video of Chester’s progress with trailer loading.

Whatever you do with your horse, enjoy it together.

Love Jayne x

2 thoughts on “Update on Chester.

  1. Hi Jane, I enjoyed this video very much. He is a beautiful boy. What are you doing with him when you stop at the edge of the arena? I can’t quite make it out from the video.

  2. Hi Emma, hope you are well! I take him to get a carrot, so I don’t use food in the trailer and he has learnt to wait for a carrot, it could be after going up the ramp and backing down or standing inside or going straight through so long as he understands my request and trusts me and does as I have asked he goes for a walk with me to get a carrot. Sometimes we have a pause do something else and he then started to WANT to go in the trailer. You did mean the trailer loading? Warm Regards Jayne x

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