News just in! Highly portable use anywhere training aid for horses.

I recently had the pleasure of taking this portable and adaptable training aid to Wales. We found it could be used anywhere, with or without tack.

It had beneficial effects on all breeds and sizes of horse. We humans seemed to benefit too. Some left it behind them after leaving the arena, only to realise that it is very portable and can be taken EVERYWHERE!

It can become part of our everyday life with our horse. It is not visible to the naked eye but our horses know if we have lost it somewhere – they will normally let us know and help us retrieve it. This amazing aid is not available in shops.

Sonny and Beans back home and hard at work Sharing territory with Jacquie Blake.

The Waterhole Rituals ™ are a way to assist us in developing this aid to training our horses. It is sometimes called awareness but it is far more than one ingredient. It contains presence, focus, trust, respect, intention, timing, feel, consideration for others, willingness to bond, learn, lead and follow, and a large dose of love and kindness. Things best left out are judgment and ego. When we play with our mix and stay flexible, remembering to keep it with us, we will discover our horse didn’t really need training at all. All these things make for a harmonious relationship and connection. This magical mix keeps us open to everything around us including connection and a mutual conversation with our horse. We can take our mix any where we go so when ever we are with our horse, where ever we can be in harmony.

Love Jayne x

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