Taking it slowly.

My horses have been the best teachers in helping me to slow down. Recently while working with Chester, he started his old habit of rushing he was trying to get me to walk faster. This also ties in with us staying focused I had to notice, he was rushing.

Today we hung out at the trailer together, he came for his first outing in it this week, a trip along the lane to see a friend. Where we went slowly around the arena, slowly into a pen and then slowly back into the trailer where I slowly drove home. We are going away together for the weekend and I am very much looking forward to not rushing with him!

Taking our time gives us the chance to be present, appreciate the moment and stay more focused. We may also experience something we might miss if we rush. Today I enjoyed the sunshine between the showers, after leading Chester into the trailer, I sat on the ramp and took his halter off, he wandered off for a bit then came back to sniff my feet and explore me a bit. When he returned again he walked straight into the trailer as if he thought I had been sitting there waiting for him to do that. He waited on the ramp coming out. I greeted him as he came down the ramp, slowly and we walked together around the car and trailer, I told him he was very clever and we stood by the fence watching the cows together, it was all very relaxing and SLOW.

Taking moments like this to slow up feel good, I try to remember how it feels and keep it with me when I am in a situation where I am tempted to rush. For going slowly, I think Chester enjoyed showing me he could work out how to do something that would please me, he makes me smile so much.

Have fun taking it easy,

Love Jayne x

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